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Spring Fashion Trends

31 Mar

Spring is here! That means new fashion for us girls, and that’s always fun. Dresses, sandals, oh my!

Well, I’m here to help guide you to the most attainable trends out there.

First, we have the sorbet pastel colors that are really big right now. Pastel colors, like yellow, pink, blue, and green are so pretty and can soften up a harder winter suit. Try on a pastel shirt under a black suit or just dark pants or skirt…instant update.

A pastel shirt under a black suit or just dark pants or skirt

Secondly, we have neon coming back from the 80’s. I was a kid in the 80’s, so neon was always fun to me. Now, in my early 30’s, I have to be more careful wearing neon.

If you’re in 20’s, go wild, have fun and mix them with other neon. Color-blocking neon is super fun for your teen’s and early 20’s. It will show your personality as fun, vibrant, and fashion forward.

In your 30’s and 40’s, you have to be a bit more conservative and pair one neon piece, hot pink and orange are pretty popular, and pair it with black. Be it black shoes, belt, earrings, necklace…black is good with neon.

Last, we have floral prints. They’re everywhere: coats, shirts, pants, suits, dresses, skirts, even shoes. I don’t usually do floral, but I think I’ll have to get at least one floral thing for the season. Here are some options for you.

So, go out and buy a few things to Springify your wardrobe. Have fun…and let us know your favorite’s!

Adventure Helicopter Tours- Los Angeles

26 Mar

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience Adventure Helicopter Tours Los Angeles to check out some celebrity homes and the beautiful Hollywood hills. It was amazing to see the beautiful scenery and to look at Los Angeles from a whole different angle. Some of the homes we saw were Miley Cyrus, Prince, Justin Bieber and more. Check out our footage, coming soon

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