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Writer- Ziad Saliba making his mark in Hollywood

23 Nov


Ziad Saliba

Lebanon born Ziad “Zee” Saliba wasn’t like most children growing up. Instead of playing outside and getting into trouble, Saliba was hand scribing his own personal stories and making make-shift bindings for them. Born to write, Saliba followed his heart since childhood, turning page after page and consuming everything he learned. His friends would describe him as a “wandering scribe” which Saliba took wholly as a compliment. Saliba understands and appreciates the value of stories citing that he is primarily a screenwriter and novelist. Saliba draws a lot of his inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft and Terry Brooks, among others.

Saliba had the opportunity to study under famed playwright Tim McNeil for several months while attending Stella Adler Academy, and after that momentous opportunity, Saliba headed east to attend the New York Film academy with a focus on screenwriting. All of Saliba’s experiences and education only ripened his views on life. Saliba worked on a pilot for an original TV-show entitled “Alternative” that showcases post-grunge era L.A. Most don’t know, but Saliba is actually a musician so his work on Alternative resonated strongly with him – so it’s no wonder this project has been his favorite so far. Saliba mentions that some future projects he is working on, such as “Clementine” which is described as being a darker romance; perhaps there is a little Edgar Allan Poe inspiration in there? As a writer, Saliba is irrevocably in love with his craft and it’s going to be a life-long project for him.

Saliba is adaptable and sincere exclaiming the he misses his home, but that L.A truly is the “City of Angels” if you know where to look. It seems that Saliba has made quite a home for himself and his craft, and there is no doubt that this wandering scribe will write his own destiny.

“Transylvanian Princess”- Actress Anca Tivadar has Hollywood talking!

22 Nov

Stunning Romanian actress, Anca Tivadar

Anca Tivadar was born in the iconic region of Romania, Transylvania. No, she isn’t a vampire nor does she glitter in the sun – but she is an actress! She began her career early on with starring roles in many kindergarten theater plays. One of her earliest passions was ballroom dancing, she says it herself that she often would not go out and play or watch TV as she was so focused on her craft. Tivadar cites that a lot of her inspiration for acting has come from Julia Roberts, and that lately Beyonce has both moved and inspired her. This dedication would prove to pay off. Tivadar’s talent and addicting personality allowed her the opportunity to travel to Bucharest to be a television show host, but soon found herself landing much more lucrative roles, such as the role of “Delia” for a national TV series called “Iubiri Secrete”. She starred in this particular TV series for three seasons before moving on to the silver screen. Her first debut would be an independent film called “Love Building” where she starred alongside other prominent Romanian actors.

While being wildly revered in Romania as the Transylvanian gem of entertainment, Anca decided to take her skill-set state side. She moved to LA and in no time at all she was cast in a theater play “Vampire Masquerade” as the Queen of the Vampires – an ironic yet fitting role for this Romanian beauty. Unsurprisngly, she was a hit. Anca is no rookie, she is serious about her craft and spends a good amount of time off-stage participating in acting classes and attending classes at UCLA. She is a shining example of loving what you do, and making your dreams come true. She shows that taking chances and following your heart is life’s true priority. It seems this is only the beginning for Anca, and we can’t wait to watch her soar.

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