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Kristy Hocking in “Quarry”

22 Mar
Australia's Kristy Hocking in "Quarry".

Australia’s Kristy Hocking in “Quarry”.

Quarry takes place in a post-post-apocolyptic world where humanity, pushed to the brink of extinction has now rebuilt itself into a new society. Writer/Director Michael Ortiz started creating the world of Quarry close to thirteen years ago. Upon collaborating with fellow writer Sammi Leigh Melville, one year later, the script for Quarry was born. “Quarry incorporates cyber punk elements, distopian mentalities and post-apocolyptic aesthetics,” describes co-writer/director Sammi.

Mike adds, “A lot of the themes of this world involved things like corporate totalitarism, old and new technologies and ideas clashing together, as well as the exploration of a familiar yet alien world.”

The film focuses on Dakota, a former security officer now turned bounty hunter. She takes on what seems like the job of a lifetime, to hunt down one of the remaining Dragoons. However her quarry turns out to be more than she bargained for and their game of cat and mouse soon turns into something more complicated.

The hardest part of process proved to be casting the role of Dakota. “We needed very specific traits for the actress we chose.” Mike and Sammi are both in agreement, “we needed a British or Australian accent that was believable and natural. We also needed an actress who had been trained in stage combat and was not afraid to use firearms. Then aside from these major points, we needed an actress who could believably create this world and react to it. This last part being the most important, we needed an incredibly accessible actress who could portray the varying emotions attached to this desperate world while still maintaining an edgy exterior.”

“The actual casting process was extensive and took a lot of time, but it was necessary, as the actress to play Dakota was going to make or break Quarry. Kristy was initially brought into audition from her material that was sent to us; she had the look, the appropriate training, and the accent, so we were very interested to see what she would bring to the table.”

Kristy Hocking is an Australian film and theater actress who’d been working in LA for over a year before earning the role as Dakota.

“We were absolutely blown away from the initial read. Kristy nailed the feel we were going for with the character and brought an exciting edge to Dakota that we were desperately hoping for. Kristy brought back that energy and insightful interpretation to the call-back and we were sold. It’s important to have an understanding between director and actor and Kristy was so amazing to work with, she understood precisely the feel we were going for and took direction with ease. There were some really intense scenes within the script which called for high endurance and concentration, and we couldn’t have cast a better actress to deliver.

The footage we managed to capture in a short production period really is outstanding and we owe a lot of that to Kristy’s performance.”

 Quarry is currently in the final stages of post-production and will be out for release in summer 2013.

Introducing the talented and handsome musician Carl Lehmann

16 Mar

Talented musician Carl "Calle" Lehmann

Talented musician Carl “Calle” Lehmann

Carl Lehmann is a young and passionate singer of just 23 years old, currently living in the lively city of Los Angeles. Previously from Gothenburg Sweden, Carl Lehmann has become a popular singer as well as song writer. After moving to Stockholm, he started following his immense love for the music that led him to be enrolled in an elementary music school for his preliminary music education.

 When he was in 7th grade, he played with his own band and then became a part of Rytmus, a musical high school in Sweden and he eagerly accepted the biggest opportunity of attending 16 hours of music education per week. His love for music was at its peak and it never bothered him learning music all day and night, as he lived and breathed the experience. Carl continuously sought for different means of learning and furthering his love of music, writing and performing.

Fortunately, at an early age, Carl received so much training and appreciation during high school, that he set even higher goals for himself and took his determination to another level. After graduating, he became enrolled into RML, a school purely focused on music. After playing for six hours a day, he began transforming into a professional singer. His love and passion for music ultimately led him to make a living, by singing to packed out crowds at several venues in his native Sweden.

In 2010, it was a trip Carl made to Los Angeles with some friends that was a turning point in his life after spending three weeks enjoying and loving the city that at the end of the third week, he decided to relocate there. He was awed by how the city looked and felt and had no doubt in his mind that his heart and career belonged to LA. So, in September of 2010, he enrolled at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

One of the most exciting gigs of Carl’s life to date, was when he was given the opportunity to showcase his musical talents for Stevie Wonder, at a birthday party arranged for him at the Sayers Club in Hollywood. Stevie Wonder also joined Carl on stage for an unforgettable performance, which has been one of the many incredible career highlights to this day. He was later asked to perform in one of the most notable gigs on New Years Eve where he performed for eager and excited spectators in Las Vegas at Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel, sharing the bill with rapper, Common.

Carl Lehmann has become a remarkable name in the music industry as he continues his gig as the lead singer for the session band at the Sayers Club in Hollywood famous for their music nights and housing such performers as Prince and John Legend. During his year long stint so far at the Sayers Club, Carl has already been joined on stage by the likes of Matt Sorum of Guns and Roses, Jamie Foxx and Gene Simmons of KISS. He has built up a huge fan base in LA and continues to perform to packed out crowds that religiously come to watch him perform each week. In addition to this, he is also working on his own album and also writes for other artists including a new single he co-wrote for artist Sammy Adams, which will be released in the very near future. The sky is the limit for this talented and good looking Swede, who has the music world at his feet!