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Actress Profile: Fanny Rosen

29 Apr


Actress, Fanny Rosen

Actress, Fanny Rosen

Fanny Rosen was born in Sweden and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. When she was ten she auditioned for a theatre group called, “Ramplijus” and started her journey. At sixteen she was accepted to the Mayors Dance and Theatre performing arts high school. She credits some of her role models as Audrey Hepburn and Meryl Streep.

In Sweden she was able to play Hermia in, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Iris Kelly, the lead dance part in, “Fame.” These were plays she took place in while being a part of, “Cabaret Moulin, which was nominated as, “Sweden’s Best Dragshow,” multiple times. As you can see she was able to take on a wide range of roles to sharpen her acting tools.

She was also in several plays in LA that allowed her to take on a wide range of roles. In, “The Elephant Man,” Fanny played the female lead Mrs. Kendal. The role was exciting because it was directed by daytime Emmy winner Milton Justice. She felt her role was important because Mrs. Kendal was the one who saw the Elephant Man’s true soul. She was also in the play, “Lost in Yonkers,” written by Neil Simon. This play was about two boys left in the care of their cold grandmother and mentally challenged Aunt Belle. Fanny played Belle and showed her range as an actress in the challenging role. Another play she was happy to be a part of was, “Romance,” which was a comedy that pretty much makes fun of everything from lawyers to chiropractors. Fanny played a defense attorney.

Fanny’s advice for up and coming performers is to, “not to give up. It takes patience to be in this business. Just work hard and do whatever you can every day to get closer to your goals, step by step.” Fanny is still in Los Angeles pursuing work as an actress and has most recently been in, “The Hunting Games,” which was a short, and, “Lost Angels,” a drama directed by Stan Harrington.




Profile: Actor Igor Fall

17 Apr
Actor- Igor Fall

Actor- Igor Fall

When he was born into the Soviet city of Vladivostok in 1986, there was no predicting that a young boy named Igor Farbatnik would become a talent known around the world. Igor, known more commonly as Igor Fall, is the second son of an an accountant mother and an entrepreneur father. Since he was a small child, Igor has been inspired by drama and the theatre – and it has been inspired by him. Igor has earned rave reviews for his performances, be it stage, or film.

Throughout his childhood, Igor moved around the world, from city to city, following his father’s work. Though he didn’t know it at the time, his exposure to international cultures gave him a great advantage in his art – being able to incorporate various aspects of many very diverse cultures. His ability to speak multiple languages made it easy for him to act in theatres wherever he went. At a very tender age he was fluent in Russian, Korean and English, and would make his audiences laugh with his perfect Scottish and Irish accents.

His first big achievement dates back in the year 2004, when he released his first film, Shell Shock, during a stint living in England. He then rounded out his artistic studies at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Academy of Art University in San Francisco, the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, and the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles.

During his time in Los Angeles, producers have clamored to book him. One of his first films in Los Angeles was in Perception, starring RD Call (Waterworld, Into the Wild) and directed by acclaimed action actor/director Stan Harrington. His performance caught the attention of accomplished theatre director Yaitza Rivera, who cast him as a brutal soldier in her debut film Red Poppies, where he stars alongside Zulivet Diaz (Madre, Hijo y Espritu Santo, It’s All a Game) and Chervine Namani (The Extra). He shows his range in his most recent project entitled Getting Off where Igor plays the lead role of George, an awkward young man who has a relationship with a drug-addicted prostitute.

But please don’t get the idea that Igor is a one-trick pony. In addition to being a leading man on stage and screen, he is also a national champion taekwondo artist, as well as a snowboarder, boxer, body builder, and runner, not to mention an accomplished mixologist. Igor tells us that he’s ready to change his jet-setting ways and settle into the acting world in the U.S. – where he’s already making a huge splash!