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A profile of Actress Toby Marks

21 May
Actress, Toby Marks

Actress, Toby Marks

Toby has become one of the popular names of Hollywood. She has always loved acting and will continue to entertain people with her excellent acting skills. Toby started acting at the very young age of 3 when she participated in a preschool show and played the role of an Oil Jug. Her love for acting grew from the plays of Shakespeare’s which she used to read. The first version of one of this plays that she ever saw was the film adaptation, “Ten Things I Hate about You”. Though set in high school and centering around teen angst, this 90’s film inspired her to pursue acting as her career. The characters had a great impact on her mind, which helped her decide to become an actress.

Determined to make her dream into a reality, Toby graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama at Syracuse University so that she familiarize herself with the acting techniques and explore her talent. Growing up, when other girls her age wanted to play the role of a fairy, or princess in every show, Toby was quite different. She wanted to play the a vampire or villain. She loved the spy stuff and was inspired a lot from James Bond movies. Even her father was fond of MI-5 and both of them enjoyed movies with dark characters. This was the reason that even Toby wanted to play characters that had a dark shade, as they had so much to portray and learn.

During her graduation, Toby was a part of many workshops where she learnt the small little aspects of acting. After completing the graduation, she wanted to make her own way, so therefore got associated with the workshops of Reel Pros. Here she is working with Peter Holden who provides training to the people who want to enhance their skills and are crazy about acting. Toby has done a number of popular shows, where the audiences have really admired her acting and have helped her gain a huge fan following too.

Currently Toby is working on several projects and the first being the “On the Line with Sandy and Hannah”. The first episode is almost complete and the show will be aired soon. Toby is also working on her exclusive web series name “Single” which is a story about a lonely girl who is unable to overcome her boring life until she is given a remarkable opportunity. Toby has always wanted to work with one of her favorite actors David Tennant, who is a Scottish actor known for his roles in theater such as Hamlet and it is her dream that one day she may just get that chance to work with him. 

Actress Profile- Tiedora DeGrigo

9 May
Tiedora DeGrigo

Tiedora DeGrigo

Tiedora DeGrigo doing what she does best on stage!

Tiedora DeGrigo doing what she does best on stage!

Hailing from Istanbul, Tiedora DeGrigo is quite a globetrotter. After moving to Sweden as a child, Tiedora spent many years living in different countries across Europe before finally setting her sites on the U.S.

Taking a keen interest in the arts from the tender age of five, Tiedora not only developed a passion for story writing and making up characters; but she would often write poems, paint, and dance as well. Fluent in Swedish, Aramaic, Spanish, English, and Turkish, Tiedora is famous for flexing her linguistic muscles – on stage and screen.

What many don’t know about Tiedora is that she’s also a licensed nurse, as well as an accomplished belly dance, freestyle, and hip-hop dancer, as well as a kick-ass tennis, soccer and basketball player.

Inspired by actors such as Johnny Depp, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, and Robert De Niro, Tiedora’s passion for the craft brought her to Los Angles where she was accepted at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting, alma mater to icons such as Marlon Brando, Salma Hayek, Robert De Niro, and Benicio Del Toro, to name a few.

Hitting the ground running, Tiedora has starred in several plays including “The Diviners”, directed by Christopher Thornton, “Margaret”, an original play by Timothy McNeil, and “J.B.” directed by Academy Award winner Milton Justice.

On screen, Tiedora starred in the title role of Leila in Alain Villeneuve’s upcoming feature “Leila” where she co-stars alongside French rapper Stomy Bugsy. Tiedora is also scheduled to play the lead role of Summer in Morayo Orija’s upcoming feature film “Gettin’Off,” about an awkward young man who falls in love with a drug-addicted prostitute and fights to get her to kick her deadly habit. Tiedora has also been tapped by Pie Pie Productions to star in the company’s next two upcoming features. She’s the total package – talent, beauty and brains. We can’t wait to see what Tiedora will do next…