Actress and Filmmaker- Germany’s Claudia Zielke!

2 Jul
Germany's Claudia Zielke

Germany’s Claudia Zielke

Claudia Zielke, is a fresh face in the acting world. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Polish immigrant parents. Her parents were determined to give her what they could, at a young age Claudia was exposed to many different forms of art. She has a strong musical background that includes the piano and vocal training. It was in the conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany that she was trained in these disciplines.

Claudia has a passion for what she does and it shows in everything she touches. Her determination to be the best that she can personally be is breathtaking. She has committed herself to her acting and vocal training.

What Claudia brings to the world of acting it amazing! She is fresh, confident, beautiful, and exceptionally expressive. She is a skilled actress that had the talent to bring the audience with her through her acting. She shines brightly and stands above the rest; with the kind of talent she has she is unstoppable.

It was in 2001 that this bright and talented actress won an award. It was the Newcomer Acting Award, shortly after that she began to perform in the cabaret and in TV comedy shows. The audience fell in love with her wit and beauty. She is not a stranger to the camera, and it shows when she gives her all to bring a character to life for her audience. Once you have witnessed her gift you will be astounded by her, and you will finally understand what this woman is all about.

Claudia has moved on to participate in international film and theater productions. These productions have been in Germany, Austria, Israel, Turkey and the United States. She is not a new face on the scene; those that know her love her.

She takes on her acting roles with passion. Just like she takes on her life, with a passion that is so hot it consumes all in its path. Her career is on the way up, and soon everyone will know this gifted actress.

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