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Budding Filmmaker Ekaterina Doldjeva

24 Nov
Budding Film maker- Ekaterina Doldjeva

Budding Film maker- Ekaterina Doldjeva

It has always been Ekaterina Doldjeva’s dream to tell stories through still and motion images. Well, her growing career in cinematography and her passion for photography and computer science made her dream come true. Ekaterina has been working in the film industry for just years but she has so much to be proud of. She is the 2011 winner of Best Creative Film Jury Award for her piece, Two-Headed Boy in the Take 1 Film Festival. In the space of two years, Ekaterina shot more than 50 short films and have helped developed several creative film projects at the ABC, NBC and FOX studios.

Ekaterina received formal training in Film and Video Cinematography at the Columbia College. Prior to that, she completed an Associate degree program in Transfer Studies at the College Of Canyons in Valencia California. Ekaterina is among the fortunate upcoming filmmakers since she gained experience by working in the entertainment industry while studying. Within her first two years of education, Ekaterina worked as a technical director and camera operator on Channel 20 television newscasts.

She was also the still photographer at the Associated Student Government while attending College of Canyons and a Graphics Intern at Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions while attending Columbia College.

She is currently the Facility Technician at the Media Productions Center at the College and also Rental Technician at Daufenbach Camera. Ekaterina is proud of the strides she has made so far in the film industry. It is not an easy road for this native of Bulgaria but she is driven by her passion for photography and film. Furthermore, she is a computer science genius with good skills in camera operations and video editing. Ekaterina is on her way to mastering cinematography as she competently utilizes the Super 16, 35 mm and the Professional Digital camera.


Who is Geordie Robinson?

20 Nov
Actor- Geordie Robinson

Actor- Geordie Robinson

Hailing from the small Australian coastal town of Sawtell, just south of Coffs Harbour, Geordie Robinson knew at an early age he wanted more for his life than surfing and competing in the annual Ben Woods cricket tournament. Life would soon offer Geordie what he was looking for when Geordie was cast as the Big Bad Wolf in a local school production of the 3 Little Pigs. A new found sense of excitement and wonder filled Geordie and from that moment on he was in love with the theater and acting in general. In 2005 Geordie would be moved from his small village of Sawtell to the much larger city of Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie after his father was made principle of Tacking Point Primary School. His parents still live in Lighthouse Beach to this day.

During his time in Lighthouse Beach Geordie was cast in the school production of Equus. To this day Geordie still remembers the passion his drama teacher, Paul Plunkett, put into his work. Geordie tries to put that same passion and love of theater and acting into his own work. After high school ended Geordie applied to many Australian drama schools and considers himself lucky to be accepted into the 3 year journey program at the Actors Centre Australia. During this time Geordie also studied singing and dance, making him a true triple threat performer. Upon graduation from the Actors Centre Australia Geordie joined the ranks of such alumni as Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. In the past two years Geordie has also pursued more acting training in Los Angeles, not satisfied to be a good actor, but wanting to be a great one. Geordie has been working with the amazing Larry Moss, acting coach of Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lisa Beech. Geordie has also attended a few classes at Annie Grindlay’s studio in West Hollywood.

All this studying has earned Geordie roles in many commercials, movies, and TV shows. Most notably, Geordie has appeared in the smash comedy A Few Best Men alongside Olivia Newton John and Xavier Samuel. Currently Geordie stars in Underbelly: Badness as Craig Bottin, a gum chewing, pony tailed, sidekick type of character. Despite finding success in his native Australia, Geordie is ready to take Hollywood by storm, and there is little doubt that this Australian hunk will find success very soon.