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The Captivating Olga Gittera!

22 Dec
The stunning Olga Gittera!

The stunning Olga Gittera!

Who is the beautiful Olga Gittera? She hails from Siberia, Russia and began her modeling career at the tender age of 12 when her father took her to a local modeling school. At the time Olga was very tall for her age and today she stands at a healthy 5’11”. At this young age she won a modeling contest and received the crown of Young Miss Siberia.

After this, she started off doing small beauty contests in her hometown of Novosibirsk. She found her inspiration at 15 when she began to follow the career of supermodel Adriana Lima. She describes her initial impression of her as one of extreme awe. To her, the beautiful Adriana Lima represented all of her goals and dreams with modeling and fashion all in one. She began to take her talents abroad at 16, when she signed a contract with Elite Model agency in Hong Kong.

Though still very young her career blossomed as she began modeling for local magazines and the Hong Kong Fur federation Gala Show. Her career continued in Shanghai with an organization known as Esse Model Management. Because she was still very young Olga was forced to continue to pursue her modeling venture in Russia as she completed her high school studies. After completing high school, Olga Gittera was free to pursue her dream as she chose. At the age of 18, Olga traveled to Istanbul, Turkey where she landed her first huge modeling gig on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Following this her career took her to Milano, Cannes, Vienna, Abu-Dhabi and Croatia. Now as an accomplished and well-known model Olga fulfilled a childhood dream by moving to Hollywood and expanding her pursuits to acting, dancing and entertaining.

Her favorite project thus far was a shoot for the cover of a Russian Women’s Health magazine. This project gave her a chance to expand on her talents as a model and create photos that are more cheerful and warm than her normal cold, fierce beauty shoots. This experience proved to her that she could broaden her experiences and go after whatever she wanted. After accomplishing so much, so young, Olga finds herself seeking opportunities to develop as an artist.

She has an inner beauty that matches her outward appearance. She is driven to expand her talents and her influence in order to create art and help inspire others to achieve their goals as well.

Hollywood is calling- Rodrigo Brand!

20 Dec
Actor- Rodrigo Brand!

Actor- Rodrigo Brand!

Rodrigo Brand is one of the few people who are so passionate about his career that they leave an established life behind to follow their dream. A practicing Psychologist born in Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Brand is one of the most multi-talented and accomplished resources that the industry can boast of. Someone who has never stopped learning, Brand is an actor, director, writer and model as well. He has years of experience in all these fields which makes him a storehouse of talent and great skills. His journey started in 2004 in the city of Vitoria when he landed a role in a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and soon realized that his real love was acting. He then sought for acting schools and attended several of them, training under many renowned names to make himself a deep actor, writer and director.

His journey in the field of acting took him through the cities of Vitoria, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and finally abroad, to United States, where he now resides. He first studied acting at the Casa de Artes de Laranjeiras in Rio. Soon, he attended other schools of acting, like Artcênicas and Centro de Estudo Artístico Experimental. He also studied at the Stanislavsky Institute in Sao Paulo and at the Promenade Playhouse & Conservatory in Santa Monica. Currently he is a part of a very special acting group called Rhinos, led by the teacher Benjamin Mathes and with a space in North Hollywood.

Talking about his work, the very first play directed by Brand became a hit in theatre festivals in Brazil. He not only directed, but also wrote and acted in ‘O Salto’, which was acclaimed by the theater circle and also nominated for several awards. Others scripts written by Brand are still on tour in festivals in Brazil.

Moving to United States gave Brand the opportunity to totally immerse in the English language and culture and the first result of that immersion was his first American Play, called ‘Scene Noir’, work inspired by the Film Noir Genre. The play was performed in a stage reading and got good reviews as a material with great potential. After that Brand brought to the table his first feature film screenplay ‘Paris, Oh Paris!’ and he didn’t stop there. Under the teaching and supervision of the writer and director David Garrett, Brand is already writing a new feature film called “Play Bill” and starting to develop a thriller about the Cecil Hotel.

You can see some of Brand’s films on Film Festivals and some of them are already open to the public on the internet. ‘A Balada do Beijo Roubado’, ‘Angorá’, ‘Delicadeza Perdida’, ‘A Ultima Danca’, ‘Coffee break’, ‘O Homem que Sonhava Fotografia’ are some of his previous works. Also for TV, on ‘Jornal Sensacionalista’ and ‘Afinando a língua’ and commercials & print like ‘MasterCard’, ‘The Bungalow’ and ‘Portico Club’. ‘Dicas do Rio’, an internet series, was also hosted by him and we cannot forget to mention his theater accomplishments. At total Brand performed in more than twenty plays. Some of his latest works in theatre include ‘Plays in the Park’, ‘LorCabaret, ‘Six Characters in Search for an Author’, ‘O Salto’ and ‘A Way to B’.

Brand is a synonymous of diversity. He is continuously asked to perform music in the productions that he is a part of and he also has a whole “set of different cards” that he can bring to the table, like his knowledge in Martial Arts, Sports and Languages. All this is a result of years of investment, or a ‘process of investment’, as he likes to think.