Celebrity Talk Australia recommends: Aaron Akins- Recording Artist!

10 Dec
Aaron Akins- Recording Artist!

Aaron Akins- Recording Artist!

The concept is from recording artist Aaron Akins and it’s about celebrating the true beauty of all women. Aaron describes “God Made Women Beautiful” is an attempt to remind women about the truth of who they are because it has a message to all women, not just some women. While we all have inner beauty we do live in a double standard society which often creates negative perceptions about how women should look, feel and think. His concept is about recognizing the inner characteristics of women, which is the primary measure of beauty, such as emotions, intelligence, power and affection.

The music of Aaron Akins can be described as a blend of jazz, urban and R&B. When Aaron envisioned a song like “Mona Lisa,” performed with a twist of hip hop, he may not have been aware that a new concept in music was about to be acknowledged. Carole “Cookie” Cole and Capital Records felt the magic and the tribute to Nat ‘King’ Cole, Nat ‘King’ Cole Re: Generations (King Cole Partners, EMI/Capital, 2009), was born, with Aaron Akins’ name listed among the ‘everlasting thanks’ of the liner notes.  On this album, which features the voice of Nat ‘King’ Cole with the voices of Cee-Lo Green, will.i.am, Natalie Cole and Nas, among others, jazz meets a grownup great-grandson named hip hop. Just as Akins felt it should.


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