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Personification of Music, Art, Drama and Poetry is Now Named Marie Sophon

29 Jan
The beauty and talent of actress- Marie Sophon

The beauty and talent of actress- Marie Sophon

If perfection were to be ever personified, then Marie Sophon would be the first name that a real film fan remembers for years to come. Getting a role in the film industry has been a dream come true for many actresses. Many rise to the occasion and make a name while many others simply vanish from the screen within a few days. A consistent performer always weighs her roles before accepting. She sees literally through the entire episode and the role that she plays. Marie  Sophon has:

  • Managed to combine flawless expression of emotions, mainly through her eyes. She does not even have to utter a single word, her green, ocean like eyes have already conveyed everything. The co-actors and actresses who work with her have always found their own roles made simple by her mere presence in the sets. Being a professional actress with a rich theatrical experience, she can adjust her roles in accordance with the screen play and  situations
  • She brought the rich cultural heritage of the three lands, the land of origin, education and professional career promotion. There are very few actresses who have managed to master multiple talents while being in their early ages. Even for stars like Ms. Marilyn Monroe, it took many years of hard work in the film studios to gain perfection.  But, Marie  Sophon has an edge over every other in many aspects
    • She has the ability to combine music, multi-style choreography and a poetic touch into every acting session. She blends art with romance and a slight touch of sensuality. If you observe her every role, They are sensible, zero provocative at the same time sensually arousing
    • She portrays real life expressions and emotions in an artistic way. She has adopted the practical philosophy of accepting Fear in life and flowing along with it rather than trying to oppose it. This is the first impression you get as an audience. Her initial appearance is very subtle in nature. But, as the film progresses, you can practically experience the same subtle bursting into an inflammable fire
    • Her acting and role play are natural. Many times, she has made every audience sit and take note of her individual role in the entire show. The mark of Swedish stubbornness, American smartness, German professionalism and the London theatrical intellect can be clearly experienced in her every role.

Actor- Asier Kintana chats with Celebrity Talk Australia!

22 Jan
Asier Kintana set to play "Charlie Chaplin"on stage in NYC.

Asier Kintana set to play “Charlie Chaplin”on stage in NYC.

Define yourself…

My name is Asier Kintana and I´m a Spanish actor. After studying Marketing and working a little bit, I decided that my passion for acting was far greater than my need to get rich. I studied drama in Madrid (Spain) with the prestigious teacher Cristina Rota. I like dealing with people, practicing sports and red wine.

Why are we hearing about you lately?

A couple of years ago, an ex girlfriend broke up with me and I came to NYC to breathe a bit. I have some actor friends in the city and through them I met Susan Batson. It was love at first sight…ever since, I’ve been learning everything from her. In her own words “Asier, don’t let any director tell you that you can’t do something because you can do almost everything… drama, comedy, action…you have a huge talent”.  In no time we’re releasing her show, Slices of Life, at her studio in Broadway Theater District.

How do you describe her?

Soul, pure soul and Truth. Nothing else and nothing less. She is an amazing human being that takes care of every actor in her hands. And you grow, you grow till you reach heaven. She´s regularly working with actors like Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise but you would never notice if she doesn’t tell you.

Why were you selected to perform “Charlie Chaplin” in “A Life in Black and White”?

In Susan´s words “You have much more in common with him than you think” and of course “You are as talented and creative as him”. ¡Amen! Now I feel like all I can do is work like an animal to give her back more than she offers me because she is such a generous and passionate human being that it´s a crime to waste it.    

You don´t only act, but you dance and sing as well…

How did you know that?… yeah!  I sing -although I don´t consider myself a singer- and I dance too… and few other things that I would like to keep “secret”, ha, ha… I´m trained in many styles of dance, including; jazz, African American and modern.

What do you expect from getting on the stage in Broadway for the first time?

Nothing. Just to enjoy the journey with Susan and experience the joy of bringing to life, Charlie Chaplin, the greatest acting star ever. It doesn’t matter if it´s on Broadway, Madrid or Tibet.

What´s the difference between this and other projects?

Completely different. This is a one-man show and it´s the first time I will be performing it. All I´ve done until now have been “regular” plays. Of course it was a pleasure to work with Esteve Ferrer for example, in “Buscando a Hilary” because he is so good at getting together the whole play that it´s scary. Thanks to him and the play, I got the recognition I have nowadays in my country.

Is there something you would like to share with the readers?

Thank you NYC and thank you Susan for this opportunity.

Upcoming “A life in Black and White”,  a one-man show  for Slices of Life.  Premieres in May at Susan Batson Studio – 300 W 43rd St #300 New York, directed by Susan Batson and Starring: Asier Kintana as “Charlie Chaplin”.