The Man of Many Voices- Andrew Bernard

30 Apr
Andrew Bernard- a man of many talents

Andrew Bernard- a man of many talents

It is quite appalling that Andrew Bernard has not yet made it to the Guinness Book of World Record with his extraordinary vocal talent.  This English man is blessed with the ability to produce various accents with his voice. Among the most common accents that can be heard from Andrew’s lips are Australian, North England and Cockney. Andrew Bernard has spent most of his life in London where he received formal acting and vocal training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked on several voice-over projects for radio, film and video. He is the voice of authority for many documentaries and the unseen trainer on fitness videos. Andrew’s magnificent voice has also been used to appeal to citizens across the world to give back to the less fortunate among us.

Beyond his vocal talent, Andrew is a dramatic and comedic actor who captivates his audience with his natural ability to improvise. There is simply no dead air when this man is on stage or in front a camera. He is among the cast of many dramatic productions at the popular West End Theatre in London. He also played the lead role in many commercials such as Long Media’s Handy Pad, Sander, Exast Saw and Arris Paper Cutter.

Andrew Bernard is the live presenter to listen for hours because he is simply captivating. He has also appeared in several film productions such as the Drama TV film, Lords Don’t Lie as Professor John Williams and BBC’s Christmas Special as John. Real General Hospital Fans will not forget Andrew who plays Doctor Shaun. Andrew is currently the host of Extreme Makeover that is aired on the Sky channel. When he is not gainfully occupied in theatre and TV production, he is probably engaging in an intense motorcycle or car race.

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  1. Angela October 1, 2015 at 8:40 pm #

    can anyone tell me how to cite this article or who the author is?

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