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Singing sensation Steinunn Osk

29 May
Singer Steinunn Osk Photo by: Juvicsa Vela

Singer Steinunn Osk
Photo by: Juvicsa Vela

Steinunn Osk Axelsdottir is a singer from Iceland who although grew up in theatre, has managed to make music her profession. This beautiful singer writes many impeccable bluesy tunes  and loves performing  hard rock. She has released an album which is quite different  and  is considered new age rock inspired by Depeche Mode, Devin Towsend, SigurRos and Portishead  and of course, mother nature herself. As far as music goes, she is highly inspired by the likes of Metallica, Silverchair and Portishead and draws great inspiration from her parents.

In Los Angeles, Steinunn attended the prestigious Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music  and received an  Associate of Arts Degree in performance (vocals), Tónlistarskóli Félags Íslenskra Hljómlistamanna (F.Í.H. Music School) – Reykjavík, Iceland  as well as receiving training in classical music from Söngskólinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavik Academy of Vocal Arts) – Reykjavík, Iceland.

Steinunn has had some amazing experience in music and performing in various gigs around LA and counts one of her personal favorites  as being a Halloween gig in which she dressed up as Lady Gaga (the skeleton costume which she had on in the ‘Born This Way’ video). She aspires to work with Alice Cooper and absolutely loves and admires his music. Her current band members are Anel Orantes Pedrero (bass, background vocals), Jazzlyn Rose (keyboards, songwriter, producer), Steinunn Ósk Axelsdóttir (lead vocals, lyricist (and vocal melodies)), Kirsche Day Messenger (background vocals) and Alec De Kervor (guitar). David Kirsh (songwriter, lyricist, guitar), Thomas Plumb (drums) were her former band members.

This is one talented and worldly performer with the world at her feet on her way to becoming a global superstar!








The passionate and humble Agnieska Lal

21 May
Poland's own Agnieska Lal

Poland’s own Agnieska Lal

Documentaries nowadays are not restricted to their loyal audiences but are becoming more and more commercial with each passing day. One such amazing documentary is  Heading Liberty, which is about sailing in the Pacific ocean by the Polish filmmaker, producer and world traveler Agnieska Lal and her husband. Presently she is busy with editing her documentary. This passionate filmmaker was born in Warsaw and her passion for television developed due to early exposure to television sets and studios as her parents worked for Polish Television. She holds a Master of Management degree in distinction from the University of Sydney.

Her passion for films and travel made her refuse a lucrative management consulting job offer. She is a member of the international honor society Beta, Gamma, Sigma which is ‘the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program apart from being a member of the Australian Parachute Federation and a Bachelor of English Literature.

This passionate traveler and filmmaker began her career as a child radio speaker when she was just seven years old for Radio BIS.  She won a nationwide audition for the well-known television show Blazeja at the age of fourteen and it was aired on Polish National Broadcast Chanel 1 five times a week. This made her the youngest host in its history with her co-hosting and working as an associate producer on the show from 2002 to 2004. After this she also hosted the television show Raj as well as appearing in television commercials and in the year 2008 she started working for Viacom MTV Networks.

Travel, adventures and free spirits are something which has always inspired her and she admires the show Bear Grylls. She likes discovering everyday heroes throughout the globe and derives inspiration from them to become a better person. She has met some of them in California and hence she has a special place for this state in her heart. She would love to work with Michael Moore and admires his work. She is inspired by the Oscar winning documentary Malik Bendjelloul’s ‘Searching for Sugar Man’. She likes being in front of the camera and finds working behind the camera even more exciting.

Her future lies in travel and her camera and she advises the aspiring filmmakers of the world to stay humble and open-minded.