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West End Star And One Of London’s Finest Actor’s, James Nitti

30 Jun
West End Star James Nitti

West End Star James Nitti

Well, if you have watched the West End Musical “Dreamboats and Petticoats”, then you do not need an introduction to the man himself. Yes, we are talking about James Nitti, who portrayed the role of Bobby Croft effortlessly in the aforementioned musical. James has always been a music lover and thus playing this rock and roll character straight out of the 50’s was extremely exciting for him. In fact, whoever sees his performance, is dumbstruck with the kind of ease in which he pulls off in this role. Surprisingly, someone as new and as young as he is, does not seem to lack that maturity and stability in front of  audiences. Many people from the industry are calling him the Zac Efron of the United Kingdom.

James has always been sure from the very beginning that he was going to spend his life in front of the cameras and on stage. When he started out at age 9 in a television drama, he immediately realized that this was his calling and he was going to work in front of the camera to etch out his living. Thinking on the same lines, he auditioned and then got selected for the National Youth Theatre and National Youth Musical Theatre, where he used to perform nationally to packed audiences in London. However, he confesses that these acting performances served him a great deal for his future. In the name of training, he also attended the renowned Guildford School of Acting in London.

He will also be starring in the upcoming movie “Dragons of Camelot”, where he is portraying the character of Galahad, the only son of King Arthur. He totally loved this experience and  movie insiders are raving about his performance in this role. This budding star would love to one day work with Lord of the Rings fame Ian McKellan and to this day, idolizes Daniel Day Lewis and Tom Hanks.

This young heartthrob has rocketed past many of the veterans in the acting world and it looks like he could be the next Tom Hanks of Hollywood. Amen!


Country Music’s Own JD Hardy

27 Jun
A True Country Boy- JD Hardy

A True Country Boy- JD Hardy

JD Hardy, is definitely not an unheard of name, after all, his beautifully roughed up lyrics of riding bulls isn’t that easy to forget. JD Hardy grew up in Bakersfield, California, a land known to have given birth to some of the incredible country music legends, Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. As mentioned above Hardy’s super single “Ride On” is about bull riding, demons, danger and dream chasing. It is the first single of his record and is sure to get a lot of attention from country, southern rock and bull riding fans alike.

“Work hard and play hard” that would sum up his life very well and unlike many of today’s country artist JD lives the cowboy life and when he’s not making music he spends his time on the ranch riding horses, herding cattle and thrown down the best BBQ this side of Texas, in fact the cowboy lifestyle runs so deep in the family blood that his son Jordan, like his Dad and much to his Mothers dislike due to the danger of the sport has tried his hand at riding bulls. Bull ridding is known as the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. In bull riding “it’s not if you get hurt, it’s when and how bad. JD requested his son to stop riding and now his wife will speak to him again.

But life hasn’t been easy for Hardy. A lot of hard work has gone in the making of this talented musician. He started singing at the mere age of three.  Accompanying his father to Church, where he never missed a single chance to sing or to try a hand on drums and guitar and other musical instruments. Music remained an inspiration throughout his growing years. As Hardy emerged on the country music scene, many music industry giants embraced him with open arms. Although his first couple of record deals didn’t work out, all the hard work is finally paying off and Hardy feels he’s found the winning combination and now is working alongside musical industry veteran Jeff Robert and CSG Music.

Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Hank Jr., Waylon & Willie, Dwight Yoakum and George Straight were the people whom he aspired to be like during his teenage days. He had a distinguished liking for country music for as long as he can remember. But his musical tastes and influences go deeper than that JD also loves good rock music as well, Guns and Roses and AC/DC are also apparent in his new single “Ride On”. Kid Rock is an artist with whom Hardy wants to collaborate with. They will make a great team as their styles and experiences in the music industry are quite complimenting.

After research and in my opinion JD’S first single “Ride On” is the greatest tribute to bull riding ever written and should be to Professional Bull Riding what Hank Williams Jr’s “All My Rowdy Friends” was to  Monday Night Football. Without the complications, hahaha! In short JD Hardy has created his own sound within a new brand of country music. Whether you’re a fan of country or good ol’ rock and roll, or a fan of Professional Bull Riding or not, you’re going to love JD’s new single “Ride On” I guarantee it!

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