“First and last love” actress Hila Melamed

5 Mar
Actress Hila Melamed

Actress Hila Melamed

Closely affiliated with the JustA Theater & Production Company and Co-Lead for “Girl’s Night” with Luiza Westwood, Hila Melamed is a screen and stage star in the making. Hila is an Israeli ethnic actress originally from the Middle East. In this time of turmoil in the world, Hila’s part and voice in the film industry turns even more important and significant than ever. Playing Lead in short films such as, “Savant”, “Midnight Affair”, and “Children of Satan”. Her ability comes from raw, natural talent. Aside from her phenomenal acting abilities, Hila is capable of Stage Combat, Modern Dance, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, and Ballroom: skills she uses for her theatrical productions which include work with John Gould Rubin and Angela Vitale, The King Salmon Theater with Yaron Kafkafi, and productions at both the Laguna Theater and The Laguna Children’s Theater with herself and Idan Maman.

These performances were known in order as the following: Is Biz, where Hila used her bilingual abilities to perform a whole show in Hebrew, A Taste of Theater where Hila co-stared with the wonderfully talented Maya Eshet (Teen Wolf), The Pulitzer award winning play “Picnic” where she played Madge and enjoyed a full house every night, Israel Horovitz’s “North Shore Fish” where she played Arlyn, Broadway Care’s Shakespeare Benefit 2012 where she acted as Host, “Living in a Movie” where she acted as the Host, “I Gave Her My Life” where she played Natalie, “Hanuka Stories” where she played Antiochus, and “Hansel and Gratel” where she played the lead role of Gratel. Not to limit herself to the aforementioned endeavors, Ms. Melamed has also appeared on Television on an Israeli TV show “Tzinor Lyla” with Guy Larer, a music video with Noel Calloway called “Upgrade”, and a viral YouTube production known as “Crazy Ball” that generated more than half million views!

Up next for Hila, a lead role in the short “First and Last Love”, Roles in series such as “Scraping by” (a new comedic web series) and full two seasons at JustA Theater & Production Company.  You will also be able to see her in the next AOA Shakespeare Benefit taking place in April 2015. With such talent, we are sure Hila will continue to work, surrounding herself with good actors and good projects. We’ve got a lot to look forward to from this young extraordinary actress.

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