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“The Only Job I Can Actually Keep Is Acting” Says Mai Arwas, a born and raised Israeli Actress who Moved to London when she was 15

30 Apr
Actress Mai Arwas

Actress Mai Arwas

“Moving to London was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I am very grateful for the opportunities I got here. Who knows where I was today if I would if stayed in Tel Aviv, who knows if I would of gone into Acting school?”

Mai Arwas was a performer since the day she was born, running around the house with the camera asking everyone to film her while she performs. In school every project that she had the opportunity to give the project as a film, Mai’s friends would gather around her and would know “Yes, We are filming”.

While in London Mai has studied acting at Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead, where Kate Winslet had studied. She also attended Arts Ed and Met Film school in Ealing Studios. Mai always strives for more and she decided to pack up and go to Hollywood, where she studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in LA, where Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Julie and James Dean are 3 of the many other actors that have trained with those same teachers.

While working on a character for a feature film at the moment, Mai’s most recent credits include a lead role in an award-winning independent film, The Departure (Winning Best Director At the First Glance Film Festival in Hollywood), a feature film, One Chance, a few short films and some commercials. As well as the film and TV experience she has also been in many stage productions this includes; ‘A Bleepin Work of Art, I Love You, You Are Perfect, Now Change and The Lights Twinkle Sometimes. Mai surrenders herself to every role she gets, exploring the characters in herself and vice versa.

Arwas, 24, seems to have made a good start, but she knows her road to making it big in Hollywood will be a long and bumpy one.

She has always enjoyed the spotlight. She landed her first modeling job at age 8 at a clothing company in Israel called “Solog”. She then at the age of 10 got chosen as a lead singer in “The Kinder Gimel”, a band that represents the scouts where Mai grew up. Having performed in front of thousands of people, it has only made Mai want to be in the spotlight more then ever.

Mai is still always studying and taking classes when ever she can, at the moment she takes courses at RADA (One of the best Drama Schools in London). As Mentioned earlier, entering the Strasberg Institute has definitely filled all the missing pieces. Her teachers taught her to scrap the psychological walls that she had built around herself over the years and just let go and trust her instincts.

She has been to countless auditions in Los Angeles during her stay, but has secured only about 10 roles. While in London Mai has auditioned for many different roles and has also secured about 15 roles now and she keeps on going. All this is still not enough for Mai “I am very grateful for what I have done so far but I know where I want to be and there is still a massive road a head of me and I am going to keep on going. You never know what awaits for you around the corner so you gotta keep on going” Arwas says to us.

“When you think the audition went really well, you don’t get it. But when you walk out of the room with tears in your eyes and think ‘damn I screwed it up’ – thats when you get the call back” she says. “You walk in as if the part is already yours and you leave it all in the room when you leave. You gotta forget about it once you are out and focus on the next one”

Reading scripts and acting scenes for directors have always been a nerve-racking experience for Mai Arwas. She likes to challenge herself with roles that have a different personality and lead a dramatic and different life to hers.

She often takes her character home to study its physical behavior and discover emotions that she can use on the set.

“Velma in Birdbath was a role I got at a production, directed by Hedy Sontag, and incredible woman,” she says. Mai said that this by far has been the most challenging role she has ever worked on but the best one so far.

Another role Mai has had pleasure of being cast in is at a one act production called “A Bleeping Work Of Art” directed by Kamil Haque. “My character was an actual real person that I had to be, I had to find the behavior and to read about her and find the similarities and work with that. I don’t believe in imitating and copying people, that’s why we have impersonators. I am an actress – We create, and creating has to come from our inner self”

Mai is now living in Central London, while she is in the process of getting her work visa in order to get back to the City Of Angels. As much as she loves London, she feels as if she needs to be in Hollywood, where it all really happens.

“When I will be able to choose where I want to live, I will. For now I have got to go where my work will take me, and this time my next stop is Los Angeles”

We had one last question for Mai regarding how she described her journey and what keeps her going and she said “Our life is an ongoing journey so we must enjoy every second of it. We are meant to live our life happy and we are meant to have the most amazing life. I live my life, knowing what I want and I know I will get it, not sure how…. but I know I will and that keeps my spirits up and the happiest I have ever been – Start with being GRATEFUL for what you already have and be grateful for what you want as you have already got it ;)”

Thank you Mai for that great insight, we wish you the best of luck and we look forward to catching up with you soon all the way from LA LA Land.

The immense talent of actress Blioux Kirkby

29 Apr
Actress Blioux Kirkby

Actress Blioux Kirkby

A talent like Blioux Kirkby is unlike any other. Taking London by storm, she appeared in a plethora of theatre productions and short films. Her range is impeccable and her ability to captivate an audience is nothing short of awe inspiring.
As a child, Blioux nurtured both a vivid imagination and an ever evolving creative outlook that would only blossom and grow, while growing up in London, surrounded by artists and musicians that shared her very same creative prowess.

From a young age, Blioux fostered a love for the theatre and performing. Not only did she form a theatre club at school for younger students, she then took it upon herself to direct a “Shakespeare for Schools Festival” a first prize-winning, production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. As you can imagine, that was just the beginning. She then was awarded a scholarship to the UK’s most prestigious performing arts school, “ARTS EDUCATIONAL” at the tender age of only 18. Arts Educational (ArtsEd) trained Blioux in every imaginable aspect of performing arts.

She flourished! She mastered everything; from stage combat to camera work. Stand up comedy, to the Alexander technique and, of course, singing and dancing. Blioux is 100% focused on her career and adding to her achievements and she is equally as dedicated to improving her performance techniques to assist her along the way. Blioux thoroughly enjoys her training in contemporary dance at the LABAN Centre, while also modeling and practicing the art of burlesque.

Thanks to her educational training Blioux has done nothing but shine in all of her productions and achievements. As If that wasn’t enough, she is also a professional singer, performing regularly at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Making her transition to the United States has not slowed down Blioux one bit. She’s appeared in several movies, including “I DO”, “Rewind”, and Private Smith.

A talent like Blioux Kirkby is unmatched and her success at the top continues to grow.