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Proud and inspirational Aussie, actress Amy Field in New York

25 Jun
Aussie actress Amy Field

Aussie actress Amy Field

Staying true to her roots and supporting some great causes, Aussie actress Amy Field. We recently caught up with her about her latest projects and admiration for fellow Aussie, Kylie Minogue. Here is what she had to say:

Please introduce yourself to the readers, how and when did you first get into performing?

I’ve been singing since I was a small child on my dad’s amp and microphone when his friends would come over. Then, alone the next morning while the rest of the household was still sleeping, I started singing in the school choir and playing the flute then performing at the Sydney Opera House at age 7. Then at a school performance of Australian book week, I asked to sing “I still call Australia home” and that was pretty much it. I was very secretly watching other singers and actors performing with envy and knew that I wanted to be doing this also. After this, I became a part of the school spectacular and then joined two other Sydney choirs.

Who were some of your biggest inspirations?

I have always been the hugest fan of Kylie Minogue as a young girl. I loved that she was short, like myself, and a woman being hugely successful internationally over a long period of time despite being under immense scrutiny. I fell in love with Alan Cumming from a very young age as I think I related to his natural sense of character and unique quirks. His acting is like a silky liquid to me. I adore him. Plus, who can go past a Scottish accent!

What kind of training have you had, if any?

I sang with the international touring choir with what was then called the Australian Youth Choir. We rehearsed a few times a week with a very frequent performing schedule. I took singing training under Sydney performer Margi Di Ferranti and then later with Pat Wilson. Then, acting with Adrian Barnes at their school Springboard’s Performing Arts. More recently, in preparation for conservatory, I took classes at Darlo Drama and Acting World, private classes with Natela Dzuliashvili before studying in the Evening Conservatory program at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NY, under some of the best faculty in the country.

What has been your favorite role to play so far?

I had the most thrilling time rehearsing and performing the character of Evelyn in Independence by Lee Blessing directed by Rebecca Frank. It was a cast of four very committed and brave young women and we got to have a lot of fun in this exploration and working with each other creating the best ensemble I’ve ever worked in.

What has been one of your biggest achievements in your career so far?

When I was 12, I was invited to audition for the international touring choir of the National Youth Performing Arts Group. I was then offered a position to to tour with them and was selected as part of their ensemble group within the tour choir. We traveled all over England and part of the US singing at Carnegie Hall with Lana Cantrell and the Newark Boys Chorus, Disneyland, Independence Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral and others. Such a wonderful experience! The same year, I performed at Sydney Olympic Park at the opening of the Rugby World 7’s match and performed I still call Australia home which was filmed for a national QANTAS commercial as part of the Spirit of Australia campaign. I learned that night what patriotism and pride felt like.

What projects do you have coming up?

I’m very excited about launching my own Australian Theatre Company called SWAG Theatre Company with a fellow Aussie and we have our inaugural production coming up this October 8, 9, 10, 11 here at the Tank NYC. The first play that we are producing and playing in is Jane Bodie’s “A Single Act.” It centers around the theme of domestic violence and due to the overwhelming prevalence of this issue we’ve decided to dedicate this production to raising awareness and support for the cause. Joining forces with two organizations that work solely to support and educate people and victims of domestic violence.

Who would be your ideal co-star and why?

Well I would love to work with Alan Cumming definitely!! I think that the process and exploration of the work and play with him would be beyond helpful as a fellow actor. I would also love to get to work alongside Bobby Cannavale who is an obsession of mine since seeing him in The Big Knife or Fiona Shaw. Again the bold commitment that these actors employ is something to be admired and learned from. Fiona Shaw in the Testament of Mary on Broadway is hands down the best theatre I think I will ever see!

What are your plans for the future?

I love working and love setting goals and trying to focus on achieving one thing at a time. So, at this point I’m focusing on discovering more of the Australian Theatre out there and using this work as a platform for social awareness and also promoting the work of Australian playwrights. My dream is to write and perform in a Kylie Minogue biopic and also create a stage show version. I think she’s very admirable and her career deserves to be celebrated!

What is your advice to aspiring performers?

Keep asking yourself questions about what you want to be doing and focus on how you can achieve it. Persist and persevere with your goals and practice balance in your life from the beginning, so that one thing isn’t sacrificing another. Hard work always pays off!

An Interview With the Fabulous Gloria Edwards

25 Jun


Look out Alexander McQueen! Here comes Gloria Edwards

Look out Betsey Johnson! Here comes Gloria Edwards


unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamedWe are here with eccentric fashion designer Gloria Edwards. First off I’d like to say, I love your style and electrifying edgy designs. Your infectious clothes remind me of say Betsey Johnson. I understand you have had a lot of experience in the fashion industry starting for such a young age.

Thank you. Well I guess it’s been part talent, luck, and perseverance. I kept landing myself with all these great jobs with luxury market lines such as Guess and Vince. As well as groundbreaking lines like the revolutionary Morphine Generation,  the street wear sensation Kik Wear/ Kik Girl/ Greed, and like them or not Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. They took the world by storm. I couldn’t believe I was working with Erik Hart at Morphine Generation and Dusty Cohen at Kik Wear, fresh out of school and in LA, from North Carolina, it was pretty life changing. I kinda caught all the waves in the fashion industry in the recent past.

What made you start designing to begin with?

I was an artist and a poet at a young age. I was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. My mother made garments and things as a hobby, my dad was a photographer, all my friends were into visual arts, fashion, and music. I was a really creative person, so it kind of came naturally and with also help from my mother. Then all my friends were venturing off to move to NY to work on their creative careers, and my dad had lived in NY, I was always inspired by the city and the arts. I worked at Boutique Hypnotica in the 90’s and read the California Apparel News weekly and that inspired me to move to LA. I was bent on success and ambitious. I was featured in a major fashion show only after a year of residing here and appeared in the California Apparel News.

Besides designing & making clothes what are some of your other interests?

I Love the dessert, Palm Springs, Vegas, I love the dry heat out there. I feel like the triple digit weather sometimes is very therapeutic for me. There are so many amazing art galleries and some of the best restaurants; I’ve become friends with a lot of artists, musicians and restaurant owners. I find it inspiring. I am looking into doing a show at the Fashion Week El Paseo or either a full on photo shoot in the desert. I also really enjoy traveling to Europe, or along the east coast, mainly to Washington DC and New York. I use to frequently travel to shop on M Street in Georgetown in DC, and of course East Village in NY. When moving to LA about 10 years ago, it kind of changed to shopping more on Melrose, Hollywood, Beverly Center, and the Grove etc. Reloaded on Melrose is one of my favorite stores. I also enjoy traveling back home to the beaches on the North Carolina coast, it is really beautiful and quaint there.

What is currently going on with your line?

I have about 9 piece outfits completed and working on my next photo shoot. I have already scooted the right models, and now deciding on shoes and accessories to pull. As I said earlier, fashion week in Palm Springs, and possibly New York would be ideal. I’ve just started a marketing campaign, and a complete overhaul of my website, even considering an online ecommerce store mainly for custom made goods.

What do you think of the current trends in fashion and the voluptuous women celebrities setting the pace for fashion? 

Well you know I have always been more into the Twiggy thing in fashion, I am not sure if I am that into the Kardashian’s for setting the trends for fashion. LOL. I love Betsy Johnson, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott, and I’m going blow the whole thing up with some of the stuff I have in mind!!

It’s funny you mention Betsy, you have a striking resemblance to her in her younger years.

Laughs, I have heard that I’m quirky like her before. I love her ragged, funky and kinda punk designs. I do own several items forsure. I admire the fashion empire she built. She also beat breast cancer, went thru a bankruptcy, had her own reality series on Style Network, and now at 70 she looks great! What a career, I feel like I have the same bent on success, ambition.

You have a passion and a talent to be reckoned with. I am really curious to see your new collection of clothes, can you tell us a little about it?

Well, I am really into the more edgy designs that consist of exaggerated shoulder pads, chains; I am using some exotic fabrics that have always been one of my signature trademarks. It would be safe to say its rocker, edgy, kind of gypsy inspired, and dark evening wear. In addition to that I’m working with a very successful brand doing that whole Coachella Valley, bohemian thing. It’s all the rage right now, and I’m feeling it too. My horizons and life has been brightened by this new inspiring trend.

I understand attending a fashion design school can be very costly, and only around a small percentage of the graduates finds bona fide careers with luxury brands in the fashion industry.

This is true, I went to FIDM in Los Angeles to finish my degree in fashion and It ended up costing me about $90,000 with the interest etc. It was a challenge to pay back fresh out of school & I had to pay it back regardless. The cost to live in LA is so high and fortunately I was able to get some help from my parents for the first year after graduating. I guess I’m one of the lucky percentages that persevered it through. I’m really fortunate and lucky that I am where I am right now. But the contacts I made through the school were really cool, because they ended up being small companies and brands, and I worked for so many. I was able to learn various techniques and make it the industry experience I have today, knowledge that well exceeds far beyond just a college degree. I’m still learning more about the business side of things. I think the essentials are that you are not only a designer but to understand marketing, distribution and the rest, and it will give me the edge. As with music and film the Internet and technology’s changing things in the fashion world too, I find it very exciting. I’m really inspired by someone like Sophia Amoruso who has become one of the most prominent figures in retail and a cultural icon who has worked from the ground up and landed on top of a fashion empire named Nasty Gal, now she knows the fashion business.

In closing what advice would you have for any aspiring fashion designer’s?

Well I’ve learned it’s kind of a cutthroat business. I mean there are the fashion shows, the shoots, the fittings, the models, the glamour, and the excitement, but it still is a business so beware. Next as I explained 90k at FIDM was a lot of money, but I guess I did well and being from North Carolina. I kind of had to do it, but if you already live in Los Angeles or New York there’s other ways in the doors such as family, friends, connections, internships. It’s important for new and aspiring designers to have a vision and stick with it, no matter what obstacles come up. I suggest stepping outside of the current trends and trying something different and working hard to achieve the vision.

Well, Gloria it has been very interesting talking to you, I have seen some of your past designs and love them. You are the real deal, a raw edgy talent that can’t be denied. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next and I am sure it will be fabulous. Look out world, here comes Gloria Edwards, the next Betsey Johnson!

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