Britain’s brightest star Turkan Victoria

Britain's Turkan Victoria

Britain’s Turkan Victoria

There are some people who understand their field so well that they are always prepared to meet and face the challenges that lie ahead. This is simply because they know what their passion is and are highly committed and dedicated towards achieving their goals. One such success is Turkan Victoria, the British actress that has given some stupendous performances in film, television and theatre. Aside from this, she has also appeared in commercials and has had some amazing success in the modeling world.

She has appeared in the short film ‘Veta Nova’ directed by the Oscar nominated David Cinzi, in ‘Black Pond’ an award winning film and was nominated for a Bafta Award, for ‘No Roads Lead to Cannes’ where she played the (lead role) and ‘Apartment 34’ where she also played the (lead role). She has also appeared in ‘City’ for a RAI Televisions series in Italy which was based on the book by Alessandro Barrico who is an award winning writer. This was aired in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the US.

Her theatre credits include ‘Playing for Time’ ‘The Winter’s Tale’, ‘When We Were’, ‘Pillow Man’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘My Mother Said I shouldn’t’, ‘Success’, ‘Pool (No Water)’ and ‘Educating Rita’. This versatile and accomplished artist has also appeared in commercials for Nescafe’, and in a viral commercial for wireless headphones.

Turkan started performing at a very young age and was part of local theatre groups as well as many school productions. She has some quite impressive training under her belt, also. She was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Drama School in London and received a gold award at LAMDA. She fell in love with the stage when she was a child and began modeling at the age of four. She is equally talented at both acting and modelling and has featured in campaigns for Aston Martin, People Tree, Bang and Olufsen.

This successful model and actress is an internationally known face which is very well evident from her extensive performances. When she was just twenty years old, she was discovered by the CEO of a prestigious Hollywood agency at a talent convention in Florida, where she walked away with a gold award gaining her the highest achievement. This led to call backs from various other reputable agencies. This brilliant performer is inspired by the works of Dame Maggie Smith, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Juno Temple, Robert Downey Jr, and Jodie Foster. For the future, she plans to extend her career in the US, both on Broadway as well as on the big screen. She has quite a few projects lined up in LA for the next few years which she is extremely excited about.

She aspires to work with Saoirse Ronan, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo Di Caprio, Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhall due to their fantastic performances, techniques and onscreen presence.  Her personal favorite role so far, was the one in which she played Shatzy in the television series ‘City’ filmed in Italy. She feels this role offered her an opportunity to explore Italy and the role itself was a challenging and dynamic one which involved some risky stunts, not to mention having a wardrobe department consisting of Vivienne Westwood garments, which was also amazing for her.  She has various upcoming projects listed on her IMDB page such as GODTECH, Mesopotamia and Famine. Her work in the television series enabled her to feature in the John Lewis Magazine under the heading ‘Extraordinary People’ naming her ‘The New Face of British Film’. Perseverance and self-belief is what this successful actress and model advices to the aspiring performers of the world.



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